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Whittier Early Childhood Center

Sidney City Schools works with local childcare facilities to transport Whittier Early Childhood Center students to and from preschool and childcare. We now offer neighborhood bussing for preschool students! 

Two preschool students hold up coloring pages that say %22welcome to preschool.%22

We love seeing new smiling faces at Whittier Early Childhood Center. 

Two preschool students play with playdough.

At Whittier Early Childhood Center, children develop an excitement for learning through a play-based, multi-sensory approach. 

Three preschool-age boys play together on a playground.

Every smile is a celebration of uniqueness, and every friendship is a step towards a brighter tomorrow.

Outside Fun!

Whittier Early Childhood Center students enjoy a recently expanded playground with greater accessibility for all students and more opportunities to explore!

Two young preschool students interact around a carnival-type game outside.

The mission of Whittier Early Childhood Center is to nurture the development of early learning through play and social interaction, preparing our preschoolers for kindergarten success.

A small group of preschoolers sits in seats at circle time.
Hello Friends

Ms. Wise greets her preschool friends with their HELLO song! 

Whittier Early Childhood Center

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At A Glance

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Play-Based Learning

All learning and assessments are done in an engaging, play-based manner. 


Whole Child

We work to address pre-school learning—fine and gross motor skills, age-appropriate communication, social and emotional development, and how to engage successfully in life.


Social & Emotional Learning

One of our goals is teaching emotion identification, self-regulation, and how to embrace the uniqueness of those around them. Preschool is about learning social skills through play. 


Family Engagment

Families are the foundation of all growth and learning for preschoolers.  We want to foster those relationships and encourage family involvement in their child's development at school.